Executive Coaching for High Achieving Women

Are you a high achieving woman?

I am and this is why I know I can help you.

Why you can benefit from Executive Coaching:


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“High achieving women seek me out to live fulfilling lives, advance their careers and achieve financial success”

…Liza Sichon



Being a high achieving female executive requires more than 100% of your time commitment to your work.  Your responsibilities have grown and a lot is at stake: your reputation, your credibility, your company’s success and yours.   You also want to make sure that your family will be fine.



  • What systems do you need to put in place to enable you to be performing at your peak and sustain it?
  • Are you listening to the signs to pace yourself for the long haul or are you in a crash and burn mode?
  • How are your responsibilities affecting your family time?
  • Are you in transition?  How will you make the most of it?
  • Are you stuck in a career that you no longer enjoy?
  • What requests do you need to make of your family?




“I have known Liza for over 20 years.  Through all the varied and numerous work/life experiences, she has grown into a woman that possesses a keen sense of wisdom, a heart that reads between the lines, and a mind that brings both the business and personal relevance to her client’s circumstances and situations.  Liza truly believes in people and helps them to connect with their true north.  Every professional coach needs executive coaching themselves and she is mine – the gold star endorsement.”

 ~Pam Janaro, Senior Associate, TAI Incorporated



Liza’s corporate clients have managed their work and personal life successfully.  Find out how they did it and schedule a 15 minute info session now to learn more about executive coaching.



Liza Sichon

If you want to find out more about executive coaching, please Contact me to schedule a 15 min info session.

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Why Hire a coach?

Top Reasons Coaches are Engaged:

(HBR Jan 2009)

    • Develop high potentials or facilitate transition: 48%
    • Act as a sounding board: 26%
    • Address derailing behavior: 12%