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At certain times in our lives, we experience transition. This could be internally motivated or externally driven.  It is not a comfortable phase and it can be very confusing.

Once you understand the value of transition and the deeper you experience and appreciate it, the more meaningful your next life chapter will be.  You can actually enjoy your transition time.  This is when you may want to consider working with an executive coach.

Liza will help you design your ideal life based on your strengths and natural interests, while completing and honoring your past accomplishments.




Executive Coaching and Successful Expat Assignments – Going global is an extraordinary transition for the business manager and their family.  Having personally experienced major moves while managing her career and family, Liza can help you have a successful expat assignment.  As your executive coach, Liza will work with you on:

  • Developing your 100 day strategic action plan.
  • Six months of one-on-one coaching
  • Create impact & deliver results immediately
  • Understand the leadership qualities of a successful global leader
  • Manage stress and your general well-being
  • Relevant assessments, including Transglobal Leadership Assessment by Linda Sharkey


Career Transition Executive Coaching Package –  If you are planning to leave your current role or want something more for yourself, but not exactly sure what it is, this six months coaching plan is for you.

  • Exiting your current role with courage
  • Visioning & designing your ideal life
  • Relevant assessments
  • Self care and general well-being
  • Transition with Ease and Grace


Business Development Executive Coaching Package – A 2-day, one-on-one business retreat focused on defining your next chapter.

  • Create your second, third, fourth … act
  • Design your vision in alignment with your values
  • Develop your 90-day strategic action plan
  • Launch your strong start



I can’t thank you enough for organizing the retreat for me last week. It was very helpful and really lifted and focused me for my next steps going forward. I have felt calm, hopeful and focused since our meetings.
Liza, I must tell you that somehow through the retreat process, I felt calm and stronger about moving forward….not sure how but I feel ready to just dive in and do all the things that I need to do.”
~J. Pierce, CEO Senior Strategist


Don’t waste valuable time.  Contact Liza now to discuss your needs.

Prices available upon request.

Contact Liza with questions, or to schedule a 15 minute info session.

Liza Sichon


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Why Hire a coach?

Top Reasons Coaches are Engaged:

(HBR Jan 2009)

    • Develop high potentials or facilitate transition: 48%
    • Act as a sounding board: 26%
    • Address derailing behavior: 12%