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Liza is a unique executive coach.  Her background in Human Resources, global experiences and  strong credentials sets her apart.




“Liza is the quintessential Executive Coach. She has all the right core components: experience, credentials, insight & wisdom. In addition, she has the “IT Factor” that sets her apart from the myriad of coaches in the market today – she truly cares about her clients and gets to know the “whole person”.
This makes the coaching experience more than just a series of check-in meetings. Working with Liza is like taking an amazing journey with a fully engaged Tour Guide who has the sole purpose of helping you get to YOUR destination while ENJOYING the ride. It’s this quality – Empathy – that sets Liza miles and miles above the rest.
My experience working with Liza has been truly transformative, and I consider her my Coach for Life. Spend just one session with her, and you will be hooked!”
~Carlton Burroughs, Client HR Services Executive, ADP


Why do successful HR professionals work with an executive coach?

HR Professionals are results oriented, highly responsive, and care deeply about people. They want to be known for their results and contributions.  They constantly work on their credibility.

They are also coaches themselves–to their business leaders and teams. More often, they care for everyone’s needs but their own.


An Executive HR Coach is a confidential thought partner

  • Who will help you clarify your thinking and achieve success
  • Who will challenge you beyond where you normally go
  • Who will support you to achieve your goals and aspirations


Whatever your situation is, Liza has an executive coaching package to meet your needs:


Senior HR Professionals: For CHROs, VPs, Directors

  • Fast Start – If you are newly promoted or newly hired and you want to build credibility and contribute urgently, this 90-day coaching program is for you.  
  • For First Time Chief HR Officers – New senior HR leaders work with Liza to create a strategic plan on how to add value and contribute to their company’s success as quickly as possible.  This Six months individual coaching plan may include areas on : Building credibility; Increasing productivity while eliminating distractions; Building & aligning your team, Establishing laser focus and self care. 
  • Designing your Exit strategy, Enjoying your Transition and Starting a New Chapter – A 6 to 12-month strategy to leave your lasting legacy, design your new life and build your second act with ease.  May include a 2-day retreat, as appropriate.


“As HR Executives who spend time coaching others, we rarely seek the coaching we need and deserve for ourselves. Liza’s coaching compliments our executive toolkit so that we are able to operate as highly effective HR leaders for our teams and executives…”
~G. Smith, HR Executive, Biotech


Mid Level HR Professionals: Managers or Senior Specialists

  • Executive Coaching and Well Being – Six months of individual coaching. Includes  assessments, feedback, goal clarification and a plan to deliver outstanding results. 
  • Advance your career, advance your life – Feeling stuck in your job, or becoming stale and unchallenged?  This 3-month jump start program will enable you to assess where you are in your career and create a 90-day strategic action plan to take you to the next level.  May include assessments and feedback, as appropriate. 


Entry Level HR Professionals; College and Graduate Program (MBA, MA, MS)

  • Career Coaching – If you are interested in a career in human resources, this 3-month coaching plan is for you.  Includes assessment, feedback, resume writing and initial job search coaching.  Includes creating a strong HR foundation & building your personal brand.


“Having spent over 20+ years in global Human Resources functions for large multi national corporations, I’ve had the privilege of knowing, learning with, and developing some of the most talented HR professionals in the world.  
I work with HR professionals to help them contribute to their company’s financial success, advance their careers and live fulfilling lives.
HR is the community that I serve and help grow, often times beyond what they think is possible.”
~Liza Sichon


Contact Liza now to discuss your customized coaching needs.

Prices available upon request.


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Why Hire a coach?

Top Reasons Coaches are Engaged:

(HBR Jan 2009)

    • Develop high potentials or facilitate transition: 48%
    • Act as a sounding board: 26%
    • Address derailing behavior: 12%