Will future employers check you out on social media?

Yes. You have to expect your future employers will check you out on social media


Check you out on social media? Potential employers will. You can bet on it.

Check you out on social media? Potential employers will. You can bet on it.

“Social media is where the world is today, whether we like it or not” Sichon of Executive HR Coach said. You have to expect your prospective employers, customers, friends, business associates, potential girlfriends or boyfriends, future in-laws to check you out on social media. It’s like asking someone, “Do you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner?” It’s the way it is. It’s not a new strategy or a fad. It’s not a policy for the moment. It’s just the way the world is today and who knows what it is going to be like in the future.


High school students are now being coached to be very careful about their social media presence. They learn that college admissions officers will most likely look at their social media profiles. It’s the same advise I give job seekers. Employers may look at the social media profiles of their candidates, how professional their profiles are and would they want you to be associated with their company?


My social media manager tells me one if his clients does social media checks on job applicants. These people are applying for minimum wage jobs. If someone applying for a minimum wage job is getting their social media presence reviewed, you can expect a prospective employer to check your social media presence too.


Start by checking out what your social media presence looks like. Google yourself and see what comes out. List the sites you visit often. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram. Look for anything that you would not like to see. Look for pictures that do not paint you in a positive light.

Content originally from http://www.linkedin.com/in/lizasichon and  http://executivehrcoach.com/employer-social-media/ 

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