Are global leaders born or made? You may be surprised…

Are global leaders born or made?

Are global leaders born or made?

Are global leaders born or made?

This is a very common question frequently asked in our workshops. Another common question is — where do I begin to develop myself as a global leader?  How do I identify young talent who have global potential?


I think the answer is both. Global leaders are born with that special gene, have it in them to be global citizens and at the same time, they can further develop themselves to be effective global leaders. Being in the global spotlight starts with a deep curiosity, appreciation and respect for cultures and lifestyles other than your own.


I believe global citizenship is a yearning, a calling and a seed planted in you that needs to grow, be fulfilled and expressed. You know it when you have it. You are naturally curious about what is in store for you out there. You have an adventurous mind & spirit and make traveling to distant places a priority whether in your studies, for leisure, for work and in general, in your life. Traveling to a new country or city is the highlight of your vacation, you do not like to go to the same place every time you take time off. You are comfortable in strange, unusual or vastly different settings and find a way to connect what is new and unfamiliar to something that you can appreciate.


Having this inborn curiosity is not a guarantee that you will be successful global leaders. There are leadership behaviors that you need to acquire to be successful globally. The global behaviors described in the book by Sharkey, Cook, Winning with Transglobal Leadership, 2011 and its accompanying 360 Transglobal Leadership survey are used by global companies to develop global leaders in today’s fast paced & complex global world. I also recommend that you work with an executive coach to identify your strengths and areas of improvement.


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