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Pros and Cons of Job Hopping: Should I Stay or Should I Go?





You Need My What??

Recently, there has been discussion about companies requesting for job applicant’s SAT scores.  Here is article published at the HR and Talent on line magazine on what HR professionals say about the topic.







I’m privileged to be a contributing columnist at Job Dash.  Here is the interview that they did on my background entitled Inspiring Leaders: Liza Sichon published at

Liza Sichon presents Leading Effectively with Emotional IntelligenceInspiring Leaders: Liza Sichon

“In 2010, top executives at Hewlett-Packard skipped the usual team building exercises (going to Napa, cooking together) to participate in meaningful volunteer work. Liza Sichon, HP’s then-Vice President of HR Transformation, Communications, and Operations, took a team of 150 Vice Presidents and Directors to JobTrain…”

Click here to read the rest of the article.




JobDash develops software solutions for job seekers and career services professionals. Individuals create free accounts to set a target hire date, follow an effective path to success, and track their progress along the way. An intuitive dashboard and CRM makes it easy to check and modify personal behavior for best results. If you track your finances and fitness to save money and be healthy, why not track your job search to get hired? JobDash for Enterprise helps colleges and universities guide students from classroom to career with real-time metrics to predict and analyze employment outcomes.


losw stress high pay

Low Stress, High Paying Jobs:

Is your career giving you stress? Are you thinking about a career shift?How would you like to have a career that pays well and gives you the balance that you want?

Here are some things to think about.  Read this article by Terri Williams published at Yahoo.


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