Owning Up, Easing Perfectionism

Accepting responsibility

An HR Coach will deliver a big ROIAfter being written up for perfectionism and creating a tense and stressful atmosphere at work, Ann called me for urgent coaching.

She was angry, frustrated and hurt.  She wanted to get her center back in shape.  Her results were poor and morale was low.  She focused on getting the task done and did not spend time or effort to build relationships with her people.  She was accused of perfectionism.

After a long emotional teary weekend and a couple of hours of coaching, Ann emerged stronger. She accepted ownership of her results. While it will take her time to process and change her perfectionist automatic behaviors, she is committed to make her work environment more pleasant for her and her staff. She learned how to ease perfectionism.

Her intentions have not changed – to make her branch one of the best branches in her region.   Her behaviors to achieve these results have changed. She knows that change needs to begin with her. She now walks into the office with a more relaxed and pleasant mood. She sets the tone for everyone to do the best that they can. The tense atmosphere has now relaxed.  Her staff find her more approachable and asks her questions so they can do their job better.

She asked for professional training for her staff and continued to monitor the centers’ results.  She now asks for her staff’s opinion on how to improve their numbers instead of pointing out mistakes.

The change process is still in its initial phase and will continue to evolve.  The numbers are not where they need to be and more work needs to be done.  Ann feels that she is now on the right track.

What challenges are keeping you up at night? What first steps can you take to improve your work situation? Is your intention having the impact that you want?

– See more at: http://executivehrcoach.com/perfection/#sthash.9ozqnZmO.dpuf

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