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Where is your organization in the global maturity curve?

global assignment– Your company has just expanded globally

– You want to apply for a global role but you do not have the experience

– You have just been selected for a global assignment, but are unsure about your own capabilities

You may be experiencing these or similar apprehensions about being a global leader, but you do not need to be concerned.  Join a select group of leaders at the 20th Annual Leadership Development Conference of the Conference Board on June 3-5 in San Diego, CA 

The Succession Management Pre Conference will help you:

  • Learn a global assessment tool to identify and develop high potential talent
  • Understand where your company is on the global organizational maturity curve
  • Identify tools and techniques to build your succession plans

For the Agenda, see Global Leaders . To register, visit the sign up page.

We look forward to seeing you.


Invitation: The Global HR Leaders Academy

The Global HR Leaders AcademyHR Colleagues:

Wondering how to take your career to the next level?  Want to ensure you are prepared to take on broader global responsibilities? Join a small cohort of colleagues across diverse industries and  a practitioner faculty that will deepen your acumen, broaden your network, and prepare you for expanded responsibility in your organization on June 9-12 at the Conference Board in New York City.

The Conference Board’s Global HR Leaders Academy welcomes experienced, mid to senior-level HR leaders with growing global responsibilities. Led by an expert faculty in a small group environment, the Global HR Academy experience includes:

  • A personal, confidential assessment of your current global capability using the Trans-Global Leadership Assessment
  • A 3-day intensive learning experience, coupled with pre-and post-event webcasts
  • Simulations, interactive case studies with experienced practitioners from leading companies, individualized coaching and a personalized action plan
  • Tools and techniques to help move your organization’s HR capability up the maturity curve
  • Global HR Leader Certification and 13.5 HRCI credits

To learn more about the Academy, click here.

We are offering a one time special rate of $2,500 for the June cohort only.  To avail of the discount, contact Fana Tekle at or 212.339.0210 and mention this posting from me.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy.


When is it time for the HR Department to hire a Coach

team happyIt is so much easier for HR functions to review, analyze, solve HR problems for the business, it is harder for them to confront or handle their own problems. Multiple deadlines, pressure, urgent issues of the day take over priorities while having long hours at work.

It is tough to be in HR, you are expected to know it all and solve most, if not all people problems.  You are also expected to have the best run function.  If HR cannot solve their own problems, their credibility erodes.

There are times, though, when the HR function needs to carve out special time to openly and non judgmentally discuss their own problems and take appropriate actions with an experienced executive coach. HR knows the answer to their problems, a coach will serve as a partner, hold up a mirror and guide them through resolving their own issues.

What are the some situations when HR would need to bring in an Executive Coach?

  1. When the team is new and forming, a coach could help set up a strong team foundation and build trust
  2. When the leader wants to build a stronger team
  3. When you are stuck and struggling with important decisions that affect the team
  4. When you or your team members feel plateaued in your career
  5. When you are newly promoted or exiting the company
  6. When your function is not as effective as it needs to be
  7. When you are cruising and unsure of your career direction
  8. When the team is not working well together
  9. When you or your team are having a crisis of confidence
  10. When you or your function receive feedback that surprises you

These situations may be troubling and scary. You cannot discuss these openly with your other colleagues for fear of being judged.  You are in HR, you are supposed to know how to resolve your own problems. Your spouse, partner or best friend can listen and suggest, but they do not know the unique situation you are in.

I’ve seen coaching benefit so many people. Whatever your career or work challenges are, an executive coach can shift your thinking so you can come up with the appropriate actions and perform at your peak.

5 Ways to Create Your Lasting Legacy

applause peopleA few days ago, top senior influential human resources executives in Silicon Valley gathered at Juniper Networks to honor Aryae Coppersmith, the beloved founder of HR Forums ( ) which has been in existence for 15 years.  It was time for Aryae to move to on to his next big passion, but more about that later.  As the HR leaders honored Aryae’s contribution to the growth of our profession, I couldn’t help but reflect on how he brought extremely busy senior HR leaders and their CEOs together for conversation and leave a lasting legacy.

Maybe you have already figured out your legacy, maybe you haven’t even thought of it.  Here are 5 ways to get you started with lessons learned from my friend Aryae.

1. It was never about Aryae.  Aryae represented a cause – bringing HR leaders together informally to grow, share and support each other.  He was always the guiding force behind the movement but the spotlight was on the members, their guests and their contribution.

2. Build Community & Trust – the group fondly remembered dinners and breakfasts where top of mind issues of CHROs and key executives were discussed in confidence.  The CHRO role is a tough and lonely one to have and having an intimate group of peers who they could trust was just what they needed.

3. Ask “How I can Help?”  As networks were re-ignited and new ones built, people were sincerely interested in the other person’s life.  Aryae was always interested in others, he sincerely listened, and remembered well.  He kept in touch, even after people have moved on.

4. Emotional connection – As colleagues said goodbye to each other, I know they will never really say good-bye to Aryae.  There was a deep emotional connection in the air, a sign of a lasting legacy.

5. The bigger purpose will bind us together.  Aryae shared his inspiration for his next chapter.  Based on research, he said that in 10 years or so, there will still be poverty, homelessness and lack of education in the world for about 3B people.  He doesn’t want that to happen.  He is doing something today so our future will be so much better.  He created One World Lights,, an organization connecting people from all over the world who are doing what they can in their communities to make this world better and learn from each other.

More blessings and fun on your New Act Aryae!

Whatever your life situation is,  it is not too late to think about your lasting legacy.  What would yours be about?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.


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Why Hire a coach?

Top Reasons Coaches are Engaged:

(HBR Jan 2009)

    • Develop high potentials or facilitate transition: 48%
    • Act as a sounding board: 26%
    • Address derailing behavior: 12%