The Art of Human Resources: An Insider’s Guide to Influencing Your Culture

My book, The Art of Human Resources, an Insider’s Guide to Influencing Your Culture,  is finally done, it was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  Keep an eye on it in January 2017, pre-order available in December 2016 and let me know what you think.

Liza Sichon presents Leading Effectively with Emotional IntelligenceMeet the Author

Author Liza Sichon is on a mission to empower HR Professionals to stay true to their strengths to achieve career fulfillment. She further challenges HR Professionals to own and embrace shaping the culture of their company to promote greater connection to their customers and achieve success. Having lived and worked in three different continents, Liza Sichon has over 25 years of global HR experience in healthcare, financial services and high tech industries. After 17 moves, empty nesters Liza and her husband Danny, call Silicon Valley, California their home.

 Book Summary

theartofhumanresourcesConsidering a career in HR or in search of a fresh way to re-energize your current professional life? Whether you are early in your career, in the middle of it, or at the top of your respected industry, The Art of Human Resources will provide you with a customized roadmap to find career satisfaction in the HR industry. Everyone’s journey is unique and special, and this book will help you enjoy a customized meaningful plan for you, your team and your company culture.

Written in an engaging and thoughtful manner, with real life case studies, The Art of Human Resources defines an Inside Out HR Development Model to help you discover your core talents, build your team, and influence your company’s culture, which eventually trickles down to impact your customer promise. This book is packed with thought provoking questions, insights, and personal discovery to help you better understand your motivations, natural abilities and personal style. From there, you will learn which of the Nine HR Profiles and their corresponding roles are best suited for your natural talents. Liza then provides a compelling argument and a proven formula for developing your company culture.

An easy read, and written from the heart, ­­­­­­The Art of Human Resources is meant to be used as a workbook and constant reference tool. Keep it in your active book shelf. You can follow the steps outlined in the Inside Out Model, or choose relevant areas that you need to develop and explore. The Art of Human Resources will help you develop your strengths, your team and your company culture.

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